"Theta tau is a place where I can just be me!"
Rachelle Rosano, MechE, Class of 2018
Alone, Berkeley is rough and stressful, but it's the relationships we have with each other that make it all worth it. Berkeley becomes more than just school and Theta Tau is more than just a club. The weekend trips to Santa Cruz, late night Kansai runs, deep talks, jam sessions, and relationship advice — this is what brotherhood means to Theta Tau.
Rhos rush
Rho Class
Fall 2016
Pledge Classes
On the first day of pledging, your fellow pledge class will be full of strange faces. On the last day, you will be calling them family.
Big Littles
Bryan Lim and Chris Soo-hoo
Big Littles
Each member of Theta Tau gets a big. For most, this relationship is an unique bond that becomes integral to their Theta Tau and college experience.
A Family consists of all of the descendants of each of the eleven founders. They provide a support group of not only current brothers but also alumni who mentor and hang out with you.
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