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Pledge Classes

Brothers learn, grow, and bond with their pledge classes. Your pledge brothers will be people who you will call your family for the remainder of your lifetime.


Every brother of Theta Tau has a big. This relationship is a unique bond that becomes integral to each brother’s Theta Tau and college experience.


Each family is a lineage of one of the eleven founders. Families provide a tight-knit group of current brothers and alumni who mentor and support you.



Mentorship & Network

At our chapter of Theta Tau, we strive to provide all of our members with adequate resources and mentorship to help them achieve their professional goals. Whether it’s through resume critiques, interview workshops, or just informal chats with alumni, Theta Tau provides the tools and support to help one get their dream job.

Where We’ve Worked



We believe that it’s our responsibility as engineers to give back to the community that helps to shape us. Thus, we strive to maximize our impact on the community in a variety of ways.

Pielanthropy for the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering

Save the Bay Beach Cleanup

Light the Night Walk for Leukemia

Epsilon Chapter History


Epsilon Chapter Established at UC Berkeley

The Epsilon Chapter was established as the fifth chapter of Theta Tau in 1911. However, it disbanded in the 1960s due to political unrest. Theta Tau would not be present on the UC Berkeley campus again until over 40 years later.


Epsilon Chapter Reinstalled as a Colony

The return of Theta Tau to UC Berkeley began with the help from the Omicron Gamma Chapter at UC Davis at the local Zachary’s Pizza on College Avenue.


Epsilon Chapter Reinstalled as a Chapter

Since re-emerging on January 22nd, 2011, we currently have 50 active members and an expanding alumni network of over 300 members at various companies throughout the world.

National History

Inception of National Theta Tau

Theta Tau was originally founded as the Society of Hammer and Tongs on October 15, 1904 by four engineering students at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Since its founding, Theta Tau has initiated over 50,000 members. Today, Theta Tau is the nation’s oldest, largest, and foremost fraternity for engineers. The support and guidance of Theta Tau’s vast resources and network helps to foster lifelong relationships between brothers that extend into many professional disciplines.

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Theta Tau Northwestern Region

The Epsilon Chapter belongs to the Northwestern Region of Theta Tau, with 7 active chapters. Learn more about other chapters below.

Northwestern Region Chapters

  • Epsilon Chapter (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Theta Beta Chapter (University of Washington)
  • Lambda Delta Chapter (University of the Pacific)
  • Mu Delta Chapter (University of California, Merced)
  • Rho Delta Chapter (University of Nevada, Reno)
  • Upsilon Epsilon Chapter (Santa Clara University)
  • Omega Epsilon Chapter (San Jose State University)