Frequently Asked Questions

A professional fraternity is a brotherhood consisting chiefly of individuals in a specific field of education, promoting professional development in addition to strengthening brotherly ties.
Rush is an opportunity for you to learn more about Theta Tau by meeting both our active and graduated brothers. Rush consists of multiple events that will give you a taste of what our fraternity stands for, whether you are a good fit for us, and whether we are a good fit for you. At the end of rush, we extend a limited number of interviews and bids. Those who receive bids can then decide whether or not they would like to pledge. Rushing is completely free of charge and there are no obligations.
Students must be full-time students and be in good academic standing with the university (> 2.0 GPA).
Rush is an opportunity for individuals to see if a fraternity/sorority is the right fit for them. Conversely, fraternities and sororities search for motivated individuals to recruit during Rush.
Theta Tau is a diverse group of engineers who grow close together while striving towards similar goals. You will find our interests are wide and vary; some enjoy biking on a nice afternoon, others enjoy studying! However, all of us are committed to helping each other become the best possible engineers and people.
A bid is a formal invitation to begin pledging, the process of becoming a brother.
Theta Tau searches for engineers who have a strong foundation in its three pillars: Brotherhood, Professionalism, and Service. We review each applicant as a whole (grades, personality, professionalism, resume, etc.) to determine whether we are the right fit for you.
No, we have accepted students of related majors in the past such as Computer Science, Applied Math, Biology, and Cognitive Science.
Pledging is the process by which individuals integrate themselves into the brotherhood. It is led by pledge instructors, who assist the pledges in developing their professional skills, aiding the community, and most important of all, getting to know their future brothers.
Contact the Spring 2024 Rush Chairs for more information!
Jennica Son: ude.yelekreb@nosacinnej
Adrian Mota: ude.yelekreb@atomsailenairda

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